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How iPad and smartphone apps can save you £1,500 a year
Apple threatened with China iPad ban
Facebook takes on Twitter, Google+ and Blackberry
Google says it would pay more tax in UK
Social Media and Biometric Software Could Make Future Undercover Policing Impossible
Facebook and Twitter to help police track riots
Facebook 'increases teenage drugs and alcohol abuse
New Printable Antenna Can Harvest Ambient Energy To Power Small Electronics
Facebook's Skype deal could see off Google+
What your email address says about you
World's biggest source of spam email shut down
Secrets behind online security checks
Nintendo 3DS review
China 'hijacks' 15 per cent of world's internet traffic
HTC flaw detailed that allows it to be compromised
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen sues Google, Apple, Facebook, eight others over patents
Facebook now 'worth $33 billion'
Phone User 'Killed By His Exploding Mobile'
Cyveillance testing finds AV vendors detect on average less than 19% of malware attacks
Microsoft Crosses Swords with Pirates
Mobile phones 'dirtier than toilet handles'
Brit holds the 'key to the Internet'
Crime software may help police predict violent offences
Hackers claim they can edit students' scores
Are mobile phones making us dumber?
Sony warning: 3D may cause discomfort in some people so tread lightly
Australian researchers develop 'mobile' phone antenna
Facebook fights New Yorker's claim of 84 percent stake
Do Jeremy Hunt's forecasts for superfast UK broadband stack up?
The Invisible Computer Mouse
New oil leak at Brazilian field BBC news 2012-03-15 22:42:42
Paddington named best animation BBC news 22:39:43
VIDEO: Egypt charges over football riot BBC news 22:33:02
PM pays respects at Ground Zero BBC news 22:31:02
Competing Rallies in Hungary as Europe Freezes Aid New York Times 22:25:39
Man City 3-2 Sporting (agg 3-3) BBC news 21:59:01
Clashes flare in Bahrain on Arab Spring anniversary Reuters 21:41:54
Pro-Assad rallies mark anniversary of Syria revolt Reuters 21:38:35
Norwegian transport plane missing BBC news 21:36:15
Witness Intimidation Cited in Hacking Scandal Arrest New York Times 21:30:09
Greece Urged by European Official to Do More New York Times 21:26:31
Putins Win in Russian Presidential Election: Voter Fraud? 21:25:00
Netanyahu Signals Determination on Iran, but War Will Have to Wait 21:25:00
Russian Riot Police Break Up an Anti-Putin Protest 21:25:00
Benghazis Autonomy Push Highlights Libyas Fragile Future 21:25:00
Madrid and Barcelona Competing to Win EuroVegas Project 21:25:00
Why Hungarys Far-Right Party Is Attracting Young People 21:25:00
Changes to Detention Rules Are Small Victory for Activists in China 21:25:00
Can Mandatory Quotas Bring Gender Equality to Europes Boardrooms? 21:25:00
Why You Should Feel Awkward About the Kony2012 Video 21:25:00
Will Turkey Help Syrian Rebels Besides Taking Refugees? 21:25:00
Afghanistan: Western Advisers Withdrawn Following Killings 21:25:00
After Homs, Idlib: Assads Regime is Far From Beaten 21:25:00
Hostage Debacle Highlights Italys Crisis of Confidence 21:25:00
Both al-Qaeda and Saleh Cast Shadows over New Yemen 21:25:00
Taliban Vows Revenge for U.S. Soldiers Alleged Shooting Rampage 21:25:00
At Edge of Japans Nuclear Zone, Residents Live in Limbo 21:25:00
Out of Syrias Carnage: A Survivors Testimony of Bab Amrs Last Stand 21:25:00
Why Theres No Hurry When It Comes to Diplomacy Between the U.S. and Iran 21:25:00
British Women Sue After Crucifix Necklaces Cost Them Their Jobs 21:25:00
Afghans Assess U.S. Presence After Massacre, Koran Burning 21:25:00
African Warlords Conviction Raises Questions About the International Court 21:25:00
One Year into Syrias Rebellion, the Assads Are Watching Harry Potter, Shopping 21:25:00
Grilled by Irans Parliament, Ahmadinejad Is Defiant as Ever 21:25:00
Bedouin Rising: Egypts Wild Frontier Tries to Get an American Audience 21:25:00
High-Profile Chinese Politician Bo Xilai Is Removed from Post 21:25:00
8-Month Ordeal in Pakistan Ends for 2 Swiss Hostages New York Times 21:20:07
Belarus Bars Critics From Leaving the Country New York Times 21:05:37
Rallies in Budapest Use National Day to Stake Political Ground New York Times 21:04:03
The Lede: Syria’s First Couple and the Banality of E-Mail New York Times 21:03:36
Crucial Communication Network Expelling Iranian Banks New York Times 21:00:55
As India’s Economy Sags, Bad Loans Beset State-Run Banks New York Times 21:00:15
Karzai asks NATO to leave Afghan villages; Taliban scrap talks Reuters 21:00:04
At War Blog: Gold Star Families All, Regardless of Where a Soldier Fell New York Times 20:46:12
Ethiopian Troops Enter Eritrea New York Times 20:43:07
Sanctions vice tightens on Iran over nuclear dispute Reuters 20:27:19
Elusive Jamaican drug lord to finally face U.S. prison Reuters 20:21:22
Syria Puts On Mass Rally in Support of Assad New York Times 20:20:41
Bo Xilais life in the fast lane BBC news 20:20:02
Islands lose VAT exemption case BBC news 20:16:39
Q&A: More atrocity ahead in Syria? CNN 2012-03-14 22:42:27
Ugandan Gay Rights Group Sues Scott Lively, a U.S. Evangelist New York Times 22:39:07
Peru mining protest turns deadly BBC news 22:25:41
Panetta Safe After Nearby Truck Crash at Afghan Base New York Times 22:15:04
Chelsea 4-1 Napoli aet (agg 5-4) BBC news 22:13:37
Swiss bus crash kills 28, including 22 children 21:54:55
UK AAA rating on new credit watch BBC news 21:51:55
Accused US soldier flown out of Afghanistan 21:49:15
UK paper claims to have Syrian leaders emails 21:46:58
Dissidents occupy Cuba church, seek papal audience 21:44:48
Syrian Kurds get cold reception from Iraqi Kurds 21:44:02
Musical harmony: NKorean, French orchestras play 21:41:36
Nigeria kidnap mastermind dies BBC news 21:41:07
Romney courts Wall Street donors Financial Times 21:39:35
Panetta says massacre must not deter Afghan mission 21:39:28
A Syrian womans year of love and fear CNN 21:39:11
Israeli court clears 2 of faking Jesus-era box 21:33:48
Car start-up targets tech firms BBC news 21:33:46
VIDEO: One-minute World News BBC news 21:33:40
Richards sorry for Fifa comments BBC news 21:31:02
A Most Unlikely Liberator in Myanmar New York Times 21:30:15
George Kerchner, Led a D-Day Maneuver, Dies at 93 New York Times 21:30:08
US mob boss lover pleads guilty BBC news 21:29:16
Panetta Visits Afghanistan in Aftermath of Massacre New York Times 21:26:04
Charges filed in alleged plot vs former Greek PM 21:20:49
Syrias Faceless Voices Risk Their Lives by Speaking Out New York Times 21:16:05
Truck driven at Afghan runway BBC news 21:11:27
Congolese Warlord Convicted of Using Child Soldiers New York Times 21:08:18
The Lede Blog: Protests in Syrian Cities as War Rages Elsewhere New York Times 21:07:57
Illegal gold miners riot in Peru 21:04:54
100+ dead in ferry incident CNN 21:00:56
At War Blog: Afghanistan News Roundup: Panetta Visit and Bombings New York Times 20:59:56
Syrian army makes gains on eve of revolt anniversary 20:54:26
Officials: Iraq, Kuwait settle airline dispute 20:47:11
Syria troops take northern city BBC news 20:37:16
Wen attacks party conservatives Financial Times 20:35:30
WORLD: TimesCast | First Verdict for the I.C.C. New York Times 20:33:22
Saudi oil chief pledges to offset shortfalls 20:31:34
Cameron and Obama Show Unity on Afghanistan New York Times 20:30:45
Suu Kyi: Constitution doesnt reflect democratic norms CNN 20:29:19
In Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, Rocket Attacks Spread Fear New York Times 20:27:49
ICC finds Congos Lubanga guilty BBC news 20:27:04
Accused soldier leaves Afghanistan CNN 20:26:46
Tibetans protest in western China BBC news 20:26:15
YouTube is Syrians sword and shield CNN 20:25:12
Bromance for Cameron, Obama? CNN 20:22:28
Syrian Conflict Raises Walls for Brides Who Cross Border New York Times 20:21:19
YouTube Syrians sword, shield CNN 20:20:28
Sudan leaders reach rights deal BBC news 2012-03-13 22:16:13
VIDEO: Syria: Rebels lay explosives in Idlib BBC news 22:11:08
Facebook revenue 'doubles to $1.6bn'
Sharp rise in Facebook and Twitter blocking at work
Google reaches 1 billion users
IMF Admits To Cyber Attack By 'Nation State'
Apple plans new 'spaceship' HQ
Woman tattoos sleeve of 152 Facebook friends
Facebook enables facial recognition setting without warning users
Hackers Unleash Worm That Damages Real World
Google makes bold move to battle Skype
DARPA-Funded Chip Calculates With Probabilities, Not Hard Binary Logic
An Order of Seven Global Cyber-Guardians Now Hold Keys to the Internet
India readies cyber army to hack into hostile nations' computer systems
Facebook and other social media cost UK billions
The internet is completely useless for checking out people and businesses
Nielsen Says – In: social networking; Out: email
iPad 'to be Christmas bestseller'
What your phone app doesn't say: It's watching
Hacker claims to have found Skype hole
India develops world's cheapest "laptop" at $35
Gangs Make £4m Selling Stolen Mobiles Abroad
15 year-old boy creates 'Trojan' iPhone app which connects to internet for free
World first for quantum memory storage
Testing the Goods: iPhone 4, or Apple's Icarus Moment
Universal 2mbps broadband delayed until 2015
Finally! Use Multiple Google Accounts in One Browser
Facebook adds child protection application
Amazon launches grocery deliveries
A Multi-Layered Display with Water Drops
Google Chrome gets accelerometer support
Google UK chief: Facebook is not the only successful social network
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