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Mistrial declared in Desperate Housewives trial Reuters 2012-03-19 22:37:11
Bay says Mutant Ninja Turtles are aliens CNN 22:18:00
Globetrotters dribble into the nations capital CNN 22:10:07
Music Review: Ella Fitzgerald’s Gershwin, by Patti Austin and New York Pops New York Times 21:52:02
Music Review: Metropolitan Opera Auditions Select Five Singers New York Times 21:51:55
Jump Street rounds up crowds with $36.3M debut 21:51:19
Music Review: Vadim Repin and Itamar Golan at Alice Tully Hall New York Times 21:51:00
Whitney Houstons daughter wearing mothers ring 21:50:58
SD court hears artists appeal of Costner contract 21:45:59
Stage rigging builder seeks Sugarland depositions 21:44:25
Music Review: Bettye LaVette at the Café Carlyle New York Times 21:37:23
ArtsBeat: Mick Taylor to Play the Iridium New York Times 21:33:27
Mass Effect 3 game fans campaign for new ending 21:32:44
Disney says John Carter to lose $200 million 21:29:04
More original shows shine on Weather Channel 21:25:46
Yo-Yo Ma, Renee Fleming perform with Chicago choir 21:23:47
Disney projects $200 million John Carter loss Reuters 21:20:49
Artist hits back at critics after Apple firestorm 21:17:46
50 years ago: Dylan released debut album CNN 21:10:57
Desperate Housewives mistrial CNN 21:10:46
Talent winner builds Miss. home for grandparents 21:02:02
Housewives case ends in mistrial BBC news 20:57:40
Gloriana singer Tom Gossin gets engaged 20:38:32
Ex-Cardinals manager Tony La Russa has book deal 20:16:22
Settlement reached in secret Jackson taping case 20:06:33
Sean Penns Haiti work earns humanitarian prize 19:45:49
Irish love story Once explodes onto Broadway Reuters 19:42:57
Director Kevin Smith dishes advice in new memoir Reuters 19:40:22
Mistrial declared in Housewives firing case 19:39:30
The Week Ahead—10 Things To Watch, Read and Listen To: March 19–25 19:29:22
At the Table | Bellwether: At Bellwether in Brooklyn, Classic Album Sundays New York Times 19:23:03
Critic’s Notebook: Springsteen Gives Keynote at SXSW Festival New York Times 19:07:17
Somali national theatre reopens BBC news 19:05:37
Celine Dion recovering from inflamed vocal chords 18:08:28
ArtsBeat: Beyonce Returns New York Times 17:52:03
StreetDance sequel gets world premiere in London 17:42:26
Going global: the magic Touch for a new TV show 17:25:22
Review: Spalding blends pop with jazz on new CD 17:23:57
Iran Oscar winner repeats success BBC news 17:22:09
Irans A Separation shines at Asian film awards 17:18:28
Review: Fall From Grace is sappy family drama 17:12:44
Music Review: The-Dream Performs at S.O.B.’s New York Times 15:43:02
Christoph von Dohnanyi Conducts Hans Werner Henze New York Times 15:27:23
Music Review: Benjamin Beilman and Yekwon Sunwoo at Merkin Concert Hall New York Times 15:23:03
Critic’s Notebook: Dystonia, Which Struck Glenn Gould and Other Musicians New York Times 15:23:03
Music Review: Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys at Madison Square Garden New York Times 15:23:03
Neil Young to speak at book convention 15:19:44
South Dakotas top court hears Costner art appeal 15:03:32
Devastating storm descends in new C.J. Box novel 15:03:19
21 Jump Street cops weekend CNN 14:59:33
Esperanza Spalding on a Year in the Spotlight New York Times 2012-03-18 22:03:54
ArtsBeat: Seeking Comfort, and Innovation, at South by Southwest New York Times 21:35:31
1800s couples portraits reunited at Philly museum 21:13:13
Comedian Gallagher out of coma, telling jokes 21:12:01
"Hippie freakout" film brings upbeat end to SXSW Reuters 20:33:07
Music Review: Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra at Alice Tully and in Newark New York Times 20:18:26
Make That 35 Jump Street 20:08:44
Music Review: Jaime Laredo, Violinist, at 92nd Street Y New York Times 20:02:37
21 Jump Street leaps to No. 1 with $35M debut 20:01:46
Music Review: L’Arpeggiata in ‘La Tarantella’ at Zankel Hall New York Times 19:24:59
ArtsBeat: Bands, Bands, Bands New York Times 18:49:08
ArtsBeat: Jack White Shows Hes Still Into Blues-Rock New York Times 18:16:13
Comic 21 Jump Street leads box office Reuters 18:08:35
Jerry Lewis celebrates 86th birthday in NYC 16:14:39
Oprah Winfrey axes The Rosie Show BBC news 13:18:48
Bacon reveals abuse by trolls BBC news 11:58:21
Super busy SXSW wraps up with poignant moment 11:16:33
Rivron wins BBC Lets Dance show BBC news 10:18:09
Norah Jones plays entire new album at SXSW 04:56:10
Ford criticises BBC over ageism BBC news 01:09:33
Rosie ODonnells TV show canceled by OWN Reuters 00:46:31
Wider ban on junk food ads urged BBC news 00:12:01
Comedian Gallagher still in medically induced coma 2012-03-17 22:07:40
Lil Wayne told to cut grass of La. mansion 21:45:53
Apple firestorm leads artist to change his show 21:30:15
Daisey firestorm sparks questions about art, truth 20:25:08
Colombian star Juanes says SXSW is life-changing 19:57:36
Norah Jones to play entire new album at SXSW 18:48:26
Damrau, Florez delight in Met LElisir revival 18:28:23
Spaniards protest creation of Vegas-style casinos 16:15:46
Horse racing drama Luck proved too real for HBO 14:00:52
Artist admits to shortcuts in show about Apple 13:05:51
Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows 11:58:25
Eminem drops in on 50 Cents Get Rich SXSW show 10:02:34
At the Table | Bellwether: At Bellwether in Brooklyn, Classic Album Sundays New York Times 04:11:08
Warhols 15 Minutes Start in Asia The Wall Street Journal 04:07:31
Balancing Grit With Wit The Wall Street Journal 03:15:30
Music Review: Verdi’s ‘Macbeth’ at the Metropolitan Opera New York Times 02:43:12
Music Review: Piatigorsky International Cello Festival at Walt Disney Concert Hall New York Times 02:40:46
Santigold displays total career takeover at SXSW 01:55:34
Dont Miss: March 17-23 The Wall Street Journal 01:16:27
Iron Lady faced test of mettle in West End farce 01:13:47
Oprah Winfreys OWN network axes The Rosie Show 01:13:39
New Attention, New Prices For a Revered South African The Wall Street Journal 01:11:59
A New Bostonian, Size XL, Age 1,900 The Wall Street Journal 01:09:56
Ideas Calendar: March 17-23 The Wall Street Journal 01:06:13
The Measure of a Diva The Wall Street Journal 01:00:03
Huckabee vs Limbaugh: Cumulus aims at Clear Channel Reuters 00:59:11
Spotlight | Asbury Park: Story of the Sugarhill Gang at the Garden State Film Festival New York Times 00:19:08
Lawmakers, film star Clooney arrested at anti-Sudan protest Reuters 00:17:03
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Environmentally friendly, rotated living
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